With our local partner Karuna Foundation Nepal we support a project in which about 30 houses will be constructed for Musahar people in Duhabi Sunsari (map) The project is developed in close coordination and with support of the local government. They bought the land, which will be transferred to the selected families. The selected families are Mushahar who are landless and permanent housing with entitlement will give them a better health as it protects from diseases from insects, cold during winters and moisture in rainy season. Also it provides safety and more dignity. From other projects where the same was done, we know that stone houses give also more selfesteem. Next to that the families will improve their wash and cleaning habits which will again improve health significantly.

The project is a great example of cooperation of local government, Karuna Nepal and the families as they also have to help and support in the construction phase.

Karuna Nepal will empower the families even more by organising them in selfhelp groups and connecting them to the different agencies working for the betterment of Mushahar communities and the local government.

It wasn’t easy to raise funds for this project, there for the project started later then planned. Finally we succeeded to get funds from several donors. Thanks to The Wilde Ganzen Foundation we were able to add extra funds. Also the organisation between the local government and Karuna Nepal, which resulted in a signed MOU, took some time. But this whole process was much reward full, as the local government has changed its budgets for these Musahar community, it made them more aware about the challenges these minority is facing.

The construction phase is in full progress now. Great to see the first skeletons rising.