In Nepal every village has to have a health clinic.

This health clinic are similar to the extended health clinics in the Netherlands. In the Rasuwa district are 18 villages. Most of the healthposts are destroyed during the earthquake and therefore about 40.000 people have none or inadequate access to first line healthcare. 11 healthposts are re-newed . The others are re-builded. The reconstruction of all the healthposts in Rasuwa is an challenge. A lot of these village are hardly accessible by road, working material have to be carried way up and in some case helicopters are needed.

This project is fully financed by the HAM Foundation. Their fantastic quick response in funding realized that in August 2015 a start could be made with the building of the clinics. Because of this al lot of expecting mothers could give safe birth. Lately a decision is made to renew some clinics in the Rasuwa district.

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