This month there has been a lot of activity concerning the healthposts.
Remarkable is the Birdhim situation. During the monsoon season there have been a – by a landslide created- roadblock. Multiple large rocks blocked the road. These rocks even made the road itself not visible. However, the constructionmaterial had to be transported. The solution was doing it al manualy, organised by the villagers themselves.
This was a dangerous solution. Large material has been transported on people’s backs over the rocks. Fortunately, it all went well and the construction can be continued.
The Gatlang and Syafru healthposts are ready to be consigned to the authorities.
The repair of the healthposts of Bhorle, Chilimine and Timure will start on the end of this month.
Concerning the holistic approach a lot of activities have been expanded. Some highlights; In serveral villages there have been a inventory of all handycapped people, the self help groups of Thuman can’t wait to start the savingsprogram, the “best wishes”program for pregnant women is going very well, schoolsupplies are handed out children where needed, childclubs received their sportsupplies, the construction of schools in Bhorle and Ramche is continued. In Birdhim there have been a meeting between the community and the district gouvernement concerning the continuation of the education. 95 % of the students with a scholarship (given by tourists) are studying in Dhunche or Kathmandu.