No updates about the healthposts and holistic projects this month.

Instead, we would like to give some information about the Dashain festival which takes places this month.
This festival is the most important festival in Nepal. It is a festival about fertility and the celebration of the victory on the demons. All schools and a lot of offices and shops are closed in this period. The Nepalse are cleaning their houses, are eating and shopping for clothes. Kids are playing with their kites. The idea of kiting is to remember the gods to stop the rain. The monsoon usely ends just before the start of Dashain.

The Nepalese prepare their homes because family gathers in the parentshouse.
Everyone receives, from the oldest familymember, a “tika” and “jamara”. Tika is rice combined with yogurt and a red fluid. This mixture is placed on the forehead . The bigger, the better
“Jamara” is a grassy cabbage and is placed in people’s hair or behind the ear.
There is a strict order in receiving the “tika” and “jamara”. They start with the second oldest and end with the youngest. The oldest person receives no “tika” simply because there is no older person in the family. The “tika” and “jamara” symbolise blessing, health and a long life. The red part symbolises the blood that connects the family.
Another tradition is a donation of a small amount by the elder people to the younger people.