The monsoon Season continues and causes a lot of trouble for all construction- and other activities. The landslides have locked the entrance to several villages. Because of that the constructor can’t reach the healthposts. In Birdhim all construction materials, ready to use on the other side of the road, are isolated because of the landslides. Other options for getting the materials on the spot are investigated. Luckily, In some villages the construction can be continued. Our aim is to hand over a few health posts in November.


All activities concerning health issues, empowerment and livelihood are in full progress. The program “best wishes” (a cooperation with the local authorities) will start in September. This program will make an inventory of all pregnant women. They will be monitored, receive appointment cards and all education needed to have an healthy pregnancy. To be able to read and write is an challenge (lots of women can’t read or write, although this is mostly the older generation. Luckily the holistic program has a solution. In September the informal classes for writing and reading start. This is a course to learn Nepali. This course is 4 days in a week and has a maximum of 20 people. After 4 months the contestants can read and write on a basic level. The course’s goal is to get 5 villages 100% literate.