The construction of the healthposts is continued during the monsoon season. The healthpost of Dhunche has been consigned to the Nepali administration. The appointment for the consignment has been postponed serval times by the representatives of the government. Heavy rainfall causes a lot of delay for the healtposts Syafru, Thulogaun, Yarsa and Ramthali. Sometimes the constructionwork even stopped. The monsoon season has an early start this year. There are more floods and landslides than before. This causes a lot of trouble all over the country and took many lives.



Health. It’s good to see that the Ramche and Dhunche healthposts are well used.
Livelihood: In every village Self-help-groups (SHG) have been established. With a lot of enthusiasm people started several training programs p.a. making a businessplan. Also, the saving principal is part of the programs. The condition for establishing this SHG is an obligation for each individual to save 100 Npr each month. The total created amount can be used to grant loans. The next step is to open a bank account. This all seems quite easy, but all members of the whole group has to give his/hers consent and representatives of this groups have to travel to Dhunche to deliver all required documents to the bank. This is a one day’s hike. All operating SGH’s have done this.