IThis month the logistic of the healthpost materials was the main point of interest. In the rainy season (July/August) the roads a very bad. There was a lot of pressure of delivering the construction materials in time in order to be able to continue the construction activities. 60 % of the needed materials have arrived at this moment.
And a scoop: In Langtang the decision is made on the location for the healthpost. Finally! The hole village is totally destroyed during the earthquake. Luckily a reconstruction of the whole village can be expected.



Besides all ongoing activities 2 special events attract the attention:

In Bhorle there has been a poetry competition organised by the childclub. In this extraordinary manner some extra attention is given to “Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene”.

In Syafru there has been a very important meeting between local people, political parties, the Project Coordination Committee and other important persons. One of the conclusions is the lack of time of political parties to organize the holistic approach. These political parties are very important for getting permits e.o. A very special event is the collaboration between 2 strong womengroups. They put pressure on all parties to delegate the initiative and management of projects to them. All parties agreed and signed a document in which they hand over to the womengroups. That’s what we call empowerment! It is exciting to see how everything will evolve. Karuna Nepal has started to work according to this new manner and will evaluate the process during the coming months.

In all villages the holistic projects continue. P.a. in Bhorle and Ramche have assessments on Livelihood, there have been briefings on several subjects and a lot of self-help group meetings.