Some extra attention in this month’s report for the village of Thulogaun. The situation of the healthpost in Thulogaun is similar to others. The construction area is full of big rocks which are hardly removable. Often a excavator is unavailable or can’t reach the area. Rocks have to be destroyed manually. This was the first option for Thulogaun to. The process of creating smaller rocks is by using chemicals to break the rock or by heating the rock. An idea to create an adequate temperature for heating is burning plastic slippers. At the moment the rock has reached the required temperature, cold water is poured on it. If all goes well the rock will break. This is a beautiful example of practical thinking.
Unfortunately the rocks were too large for this practical solution. Finally the village decided to arrange and pay a excavator themselves. The village shows their commitment! Meanwhile the rocks are removed and the construction work is started.



Concerning the healthcare on the schools various programs are started. These are programs on sanitation, hygiene and a program named “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH)”.
Concerning Livelihood there have been some assessments on which handicapped persons attended. There have been meetings concerning the educational and social parts of the holistic approach. Besides this there were trainings days on children rights and child protection.