The construction of the healthposts is going tremendous at this moment. In Thulogaun there still are problems with removing some enormous rocks, but the local people are extremely cooperating in making smaller pieces of this rocks. Without the right equipment this large rocks have to be removed manually which makes it an challenging job.

With help of the MAF helicopter, construction materials have been flown to Thuman! This was very spectacular . Thank You MAF! They also sponsored part of the flight. Some parts of the construction materials where to tall and did not survive the flight in one piece. That’s a pity. Only a limited amounts of flights are available. All material will be carried by men, using a very small footpath. It’s a five hours walk.
The healthposts in Bhorle and Chilime have to be reconstructed “only”. The preparations have started and there has been inventory at the site.

Holistic approach in 5 villages:

In various villages educational activities take place. This contains the hand out of schoolmaterials, the startup of a campaign of getting kids to school and the construction of schoolclasses like in Bhorle. As far as the healthcare is concerned there have been courses and meetings for the healthworkers in several villages. These courses and meetings are on healthy pregnancy, a safe labour and family planning. For Syafru it is still a challenge to actively involve political parties on our activities. Luckily the womengroups we created are extremely strong and an enormous boost. Serval times a month the Karuna team has meetings in Rasuwa with local government to try to stimulate and activate them.

This month it is a year ago the earthquake shook the earth. There has been a lot of attention in the media. As a preparation a lot of journalists of “giro 555” visited Rasuwa and Ramche. A photographer of the “Volkskrant” made series of pictures. In “Trouw” there has been publicized an interview with Deepak Raj Sapkota, the director of Karuna Nepal.

A year ago….So far a lot have changed for the best but it’s not enough. We go on bravely. It is very annoying that it looks like a lot of people have to live in a shelter during the next period of rain…