The employment of qualified engineers is started in this period. They check and lead the work of the contractor. The contract with the builder is concluded after intensive negotiations. It turns out that Karuna Nepal is one of the first organizations that starts with the reconstructions in Nepal.

The political crisis between India and Nepal which is made visible by the border obstructions, results in a delay and an increase in costs. Materials are hard to get and it’s transport is impossible or much more expensive. the consequences of these setbacks are that the emergency healthcare is not accessible for the people of Rasuwa for a longer period. Very frustrating.

But there is also good news.

The government has indicated that they are willing to finance the reconstruction of a healthpost in Rasuwa. Also a hydropower company that works in Haku are willing to finance the healthpost in this village.
Two healthposts need non or hardly any restauration. This means a decrease in costs concerning the required budget. After speaking to the board of the Ham Foundation they indicate to be interested in a complementary proposal to use this surplus for a few new healtposts in the Nuwakot district.

Holistic Approach in 5 villages.

In this period the total logistic working method of the project is developed. This is:

  • The establishment of the Karuna team in Rasuwa
  • Plans are made and written down together with the village direction, political parties and village community
  • Selection of the social workers in the village
  • Authorisations received to be able to work in the villages
  • Funding arranged from The Netherlands

The first activities are created. In the meantime the building activities for the healthpost are continued. The political crises between Nepal and India increase to a higher level resulting to a blockade of the border. Because of this petrol, vital medication, cooking gas and food are getting in short supply. It seems that this developing country is more affected by this blockade than it is by the earthquake.

This blockade resulted in a delay of the running processes. People couldn’t come to meetings because transportation between A to B was often impossible by lack of petrol.

In this period it is decided to fortify our projects with help from for example Unicef and Terre des Homes. They are focused on handicapped children and rebuilding schools.