There is a problem with the construction of the healthpost in Syafru. The government has decided to widen the road which leads straight to the village, because this road connects China with India. The construction spot of the healthpost is situated on the planned road. Local political parties cannot reach an agreement concerning the new location.

In Thulagaun the construction is stopped by a number of large rocks which are difficult to remove. The healthpost of Ramche en Dhunche are almost ready.

Holistic Approach in 5 villages.

In Syafru an Ramche the first trainings of womengroups concerning “kitchengardening” take place. In the training the women are trained to cultivate vegetables in a better way. The receive good seeds and explanation concerning the importance of a good variety in food. Other villages will also receive this training.
in multiple villages womengroups are assembled or the existing groups are reinforced. Also a number of childgroups are established.