In February I visited the Rasuwa projects with some donors. It was a pleasant visit in which I get to know the Rasuwa Team of Karuna better. In our opinion this visit is also a “zero measurement” because the first activities just started or didn’t even start in the 5 villages.


The first healthpost is finished. In Ramche we visit the opening ceremony of the healthpost.

Two weeks later the first woman gave birth to a healthy son in the clinic. There were some problems but luckily she received adequate treatment. The healthpost in Dhuche will follow in short notice.

The government has decided that some parts of the healthpost have to be adjusted. This is a cost increase.
Because two healthposts are (almost) finished a better perspective is available concerning the real cost of building a healthpost. We will go back to the drawing board and find out about the influence on the budget and will discuss this with the HAM Foundation.

The problems in Syafru are not solved yet. In the beginning there seemed to be a solution for the building of the healthposts which is made possible by interference women groups in Syafru.

Holistic Approach in 5 villages.

Appointments are made with the DEO (District Education Officer) for supplying school material to children. Visits are made to meetings of childclubs, selfhelpgroups and womengroups. An inquiry is made to income generating activities in the villages.