This month the rebuilding goes slowly. There are meetings with the government concerning the transport of building material by army helicopter. It’s hard to reach an agreement in Syafru. Pressure is increased; if decision isn’t made in short notice all activities will be stopped. In the begin of April there has to be a decision. In two of the villages people are still busy in removing some rocks. This is mostly manually done and therefor takes a lot of time.

Holistic Approach in 5 villages.

In Thuman “kitchen garden training” is enrolled. All community workers of the 5 villages meet each other and swap their experiences. Beyond this they are trained in skills that helps them to improve their work.

The training for construction worker is finished. All students received a diploma. With their help a healthpost and a house are build. Their next deployment will be a school in Bhorle.

Time is spend on the planning of the activities of the second quarter of this year.