Welcome on the website of the Reach Out Too Foundation

Mission statement:

Stichting Reach Out Too believes in the power of people. Chances are created by change. Change has to come from within to last. Creating chances for people in poverty means, in many cases, changing behaviour and at the same time value cultures. Development is stimulating what is strong, changing what is weak. With this being our belief, we only support 100% local NGO’s as they know best what difficulties should be tackled. Finding and combining the knowledge needed to change those difficulties is our strength which we share with our partners. We focus on projects in Nepal.


The partners of Reach Out 2 decided after the earthquake in Nepal on 25 April 2015 to open their network for the consequences of this terrible disaster. Directly after the earthquake we contacted all our partners/relations and gave our activities al lot of publicity through Facebook. In this surprisingly way funding started from all over the Netherlands. Together with Nepalese partners it saved many thousand lives and reached about 100.000 people. This emergency help was very successful through the intense cooperation between our local partners and us.

During the emergency help a lot of new collaborations originated, and Reach Out 2 focused itself from out the Netherlands to coordinate the funding and connecting all partners if necessary.

In this period the pleasant cooperation with Karuna Nepal Foundation was increased and the decision is made – as requested by Reach Out 2 partners – to continue the cooperation concerning the reconstruction by establishing a new foundation : Reach Out Too.

Meanwhile, our activities are extended with the establishing of a specialized children’s hospital. The fundraising of this Nepalse intiative will take place in the Netherlands.